For Parents

Please drop off and pick up your children on time.

All parents are expected to walk their children into every session to make sure other Squad Members are already there. If your child is the only Squad Member there you will be asked to stay until another Squad Member arrives. We are also asking parents to arrive when the session is scheduled to finish and collect their children promptly. This policy is designed to protect and ensure the safety of children and our Coaches.  

Please advise the Coach if your child will not be attending training.

If your child needs to exit the pool early during training for any reason please prearrange this with the Coach so you do not disrupt the group.

Parents should not approach Coaches before or during the training session or talk with them whilst they are coaching. Matters of concern should be addressed after the training session or via email to the Coach prior to the training session.

Resources For Parents

There are some great resources available to parents. Here are just a couple worth taking a look at:

Swimming Australia GoSwim

Swimming Australia’s GoSwim website provides great information to parents on topics like: How To Get Involved, Nutrition and Healthy Swimming. There’s also a great downloadable Parent Handbook available.

Swimming for Parents by Gary Barclay

Author Gary Barclay from Melbourne brings together years of knowledge gained as an international level swimmer, coach and manager in his book Swimming for Parents. Gary is considered one of the leading experts in the sport of swimming in the world. Swimming for Parents will help you understand the sport of swimming and how you can best help your child.

Swimming for Parents answers questions like: How many times each week should my child train? How many competitions should my child take part in? Is technique more important than laps swum? Should my child play other sports or focus on swimming? What strokes or events should my child focus on? Why has my child stopped improving? …..and Much More!

Behind the Goggles by Gary Barclay

Behind the Goggles is the ultimate book for children who love to swim.  There is no other book like this in the world.  It’s easy to read, has great swimming cartoons and includes many swimming tips and a selection of the best swimming quotes.

The book provides helpful information for young competitive swimmers aged 8 to 14 years that will help them to improve training habits, racing performance and life skills.  With each double page a focusing on a different topic, young swimmers can read the whole book and then come back to sections that motivate them, over and over again.

If you come across any resources for parents you feel may be worthwhile including here, please send details to