Competing at Meets

Always discuss with your Coach which events you should compete in at any swim meets.

Squad Members are required to register as members with Swimming Victoria if they wish to compete in meets.

Encouragement Meets are open to both Swimming Victoria members and non-members. These meets are designed to introduce young swimmers to competitive swimming in a relaxed and informal setting. They also provide an opportunity for a competitive swimmer to try events that they may not have entered previously.

Qualifying Meets are reserved for Swimming Victoria Competitive Members.

Swimming Victoria membership is used to register for events at swim meets using the online meet entry portal.

More information about Swimming Victoria and how to register can be found here or on the Swimming Victoria website.

Attending Meets

You and your Coach should agree on a race plan for each swim meet in advance of the actual swim meet day.

On the day of the meet check your equipment before leaving home and arrive early. Familiarise yourself with the pool, facilities and marshalling areas and review your race plan with your Coach. Sit together with your team and support your team mates. Compete professionally and evaluate your performance with your Coach.


  • Stretch and warm up
  • Rehydrate and refuel
  • Recover and rest
  • Warm down, stretch