The 1st of July is finally here and it is time to register with Swimming Victoria. All Kings Swim Club squad members, regardless of their squad level MUST register with Swimming Victoria. If you are not registered by the 31st July you will not be able to train until the payment has been made. We do encourage all swimmers to register as Competitive Swimmers as swimmers who register as Recreational Swimmers can not swim at meets and can therefore not be included in any relay teams and Swimming Victoria have included another Relay Meet on their 2018/19 Calendar.

Swimming Victoria aims to keep fees affordable, whilst maintaining the capacity to provide member services, competitions and to administer the athlete, coach and official pathways. This year, they have reduced the competitive swimmer membership for 16 years and over as part of their commitment to help retain swimmers of this age in the sport. In addition, they have not increased their competitive swimmer membership ($93.00) for swimmers aged under 16.

Swimming Victoria are committed to ensuring their members, clubs and districts receive tangible benefits from their membership. This year, in addition to 20% off full-price Funky Trunks & Funkita products, 20% off EVO Sportswear merchandise and access to the best physiotherapists from PhysioHealth at our Championships, individual members who sign up in the first fortnight of the new season (commencing 1 July 2018) will also be able to access an exclusive discounted offer for early bird tickets to the 2018 Hancock Prospecting Australian Short Course Championships to be held at MSAC in October.

This year the Membership Fees are as follows:

Junior Swimmers (15 years and under)
Competitive Swimmer $120.00 ($93.00 SV + $27.00 SAL)
Recreational Swimmer $107.00 ($80.00 SV + $27.00 SAL)

Senior Swimmer (16+ years)
Competitive Swimmer $107.00 ($80.00 SV + $27.00 SAL)
Recreational Swimmer $97.00 ($70.00 SV + $27.00 SAL)

Non-Swimmers $37.00

Registration with Swimming Victoria provides the following benefits:
• Access to competitions and events, including online entries to swim meets
• Insurance cover including Public Liability and Personal Accident coverage with JLT
• Inclusion into the Junior Excellence Program
• Access to Club Development Programs and other club based opportunities
• Structured competitor pathway to state, national and international events
• Education and Training advice and assistance
• Support and general administrative assistance to clubs and districts
• Provision of awards and special membership
• Resource facility for schools and individuals
• Representation to local Government on matters concerning affiliated clubs
• Representation to clubs and districts to a range of sport agencies

Members who have previously registered with Swimming Victoria will receive an email from them with instructions on how to join.

Member who have not already joined with Swimming Victoria will need to do so now. To join click on the link below, Enter Metro South as your Region and Kings Swim Club as your club.

If you have any questions regarding the Swimming Victoria registration please do not hesitate to contact me at

Please note that I am away until 10th July so will not be able to answer any questions until then. I will ensure I am on Pool Deck on Tuesday night the 10th July if anyone needs help joining.

Click here to join.

Kind regards,
Tania Thomas

Kings Swim Club